I work(ed) on 70 wonderful projects

Swift 13

Philips Hue PoS

#icapps #ipad

When you are in a store and you want to try out the newest Philips Hue light, you just have to tap this iPad app and change the lighting. Probably the only app I will build that is used inside the Apple Store.

SkySight Wave

#fousa #ios

For the Perlan project, the pilots wanted to have an application to check the predicted wave winds at higher altitudes. This iPad app downloads the SkySight charts and shows them relative to their current position.

SwiftUI 2


#fousa #ios #macos

I love tracking expenses on my iPhone. And since there is not a service that tracks expenses the way I want, I decided to create it myself. And on iPad, you get to see more statistics.

Objective-C 37


#icapps #ipad

Fetch a list of documents from the server so that insurance agents can quickly browse them. Communicating with the backend systems was quite hard due to the legacy nature.


#icapps #ipad

I upgrade the application to work on the next iOS version. Migrating changes in Core Data was hard, but it taught me a lot about how you should use it.


#icapps #iphone

Read the 1Limburg paper on your mobile device. Not a hard application, but when ads are added. Everything becomes hard, especially making it performant and snappy.

Wie is De Mol

#10to1 #ios

'Who is the Mole' is a Dutch television show. As a spectator, you can guess every episode who could be the Mole. The app was updated every episode depending on who dropped out.


#fousa #macos

Create shortcuts for posting messages to Twitter with the native solution provided by Apple. First time I had to make an app without an actual interface, but running in the background.


#fousa #macos

Post messages to App.net with just a simple tap on the keyboard. I started using App.net when there was no native OSX solution available. So I created one to quickly post messages.

Car Sharing

#10to1 #iphone

Locate and book a car with the Car Sharing iPhone application. When you are close to the car, connect with it through Bluetooth. Unlocking your car has never been easier.


#10to1 #ipad

Use this application whenever you go on a sales pitch. Upload pictures of the products you are trying to sell and show them to your potential clients


#fousa #iphone

Before tracking was cool, I used to manually enter my run workouts in RunKeeper. But their app didn't allow this. Therefore I created an app with this functionality.


#fousa #ios

Improve your focus level during your work. With Pomidor, this was very simple. Start the clock, and get notified when your working period ends.


#10to1 #ipad

A product of our own where we tried to create an application that allows the user to dynamically build forms. These forms could then be exported to several formats.


#10to1 #innovationstudio #ipad

For Innovation Studio we developed a questionnaire iPad application. This application allowed the medical staff to be up to date with the patients' current condition.


#10to1 #innovationstudio #ipad

For Innovation Studio we created an application that allows patients to enroll when entering the hospital. This app was displayed in a booth that was easily accessible upon entry.

Safety Surgery Checklist

#10to1 #innovationstudio #ipad

For Innovation Studio I helped develop an application that allowed surgeons to go through a medical checklist while at the surgery. Apps that impact people in a good way give me so much satisfaction.


#fousa #macos

When working remotely we all want to see each other's faces. This OSX application takes a picture of you working and syncs it over to Dropbox to other users that have access to the shared folder.


#10to1 #ios

Pharmacists using drugs from Huvepharma could use this application to quickly calculate the correct dose that should be applied. UX wise may be one of the best applications I worked on.


#fousa #iphone

Remind yourself that you have to do something regularly. This iPhone reminds you without you having to confirm that you did the task. Todos without the todo part.


#fousa #iphone

Meetup with Twitter friends over lunch, that is Twunch. And this iPhone application makes this experience even better. Check who is coming and RSVP from within the application.


#10to1 #ipad

When you return the car at the end of a lease contract, it has to be checked for damages. The Fleetexpert iPad application allowed them to do that while being offline.


#10to1 #ipad

This construction company uses an application to get a better overview of the construction area. They could indicate potential issues and print out PDF reports depending on their state.

Marvin Gaye Tour

#10to1 #iphone

This iPhone application guides you through Ostend with a scenic tour to discover all the places that Marvin Gay visited during his stay there. Everything happened offline and made deployment tricky.

IGC Reader

#fousa #ios

After a flight, I wanted to quickly see my flight on my iPhone. There was nothing like this at this point. IGC Reader's successor, Vulture, is even more powerful.


#milkcarton #macos

A Poken is used to quickly share your identity. We created a small app that allows you to quickly export your contact data to this Poken.


#milkcarton #macos

At Belighted we were using Yammer to communicate. So Cimm and I created a tiny Mac application that showed us when we had some notifications.


#milkcarton #macos

Cimm and I build this tiny little app to convert all the contacts in your local contacts application on Mac. You can export to multiple formats like CSV, tab-separated, and even to Google Contacts.


#fousa #iphone

This is the very first iPhone application I wrote. The app helped me decide which Nespresso blend I should drink in the morning. It is the start of many more utility apps and Fousa!


#milkcarton #macos

This was the very first Mac app I ever created. With Funes, you can rate the currently playing song in iTunes. Mac World noticed it and wrote a very cool article about it.

Sinatra 4

Ruby on Rails 9

Project Generator

#icapps #website

Since every project setup is always the same, I tried to create a website that would facilitate this. With a single press on a button, you can create an app, push it to git, and test it on your device through HockeyApp.


#10to1 #website

Manage the resources and support for the museum of contemporary art in Antwerp during its day-to-day business with this administrative website.

Het Spiegelpaleis

#10to1 #vrt #website

Participate in the live quiz broadcasted on prime-time on national tv in Belgium. I had the chance of working on this very challenging product with an incredible team at the University of Ghent.


#10to1 #website #api

Get an overview of all the cars, with their damages, that are checked with the Fleetexpert iPad application by the experts. It also provides the application with the required content for the app.


#10to1 #website

Manage the stock and supplies needed to make it possible to plan the assignment in the energy industry as well as possible. We connected with external services for a more up-to-date overview of the current stock.


#belighted #website

An administrative website to better support administrative services for IP Attorneys. The development process used here was behavior-driven development, which was quite a challenge, but a lot of fun.


#fousa #website

A handy website that translates commonly used words from the Limburg region to an understandable format for the rest of Belgium. The website participated in a product development competition.



#fousa #website

The public website with information about the research studies on gender, diversity, and intersectionality that was done at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.


#fousa #website

I need to track my budget. But I want everything to be custom so created a single-page Javascript website. Build with a prototype, supported by PHP.


#milkcarton #website

Cimm and I had this little marketing website as a side project. We developed it for a construction company. The entire website was dynamic with a custom-made web portal.

.NET 1

Stock Market Drinking Game

#diana #windows

Our student club Diana needed a windows application that would calculate prices of beers depending on the consumption. When more Duvel was drunk, the lower the price became. Crazy!

Java 1


#kbc #website

I worked on the main application that is used in all the branches of KBC. Employees managed everything that was manageable for a customer. It's still in use today.