The fousa, also known as Jelle Vandebeeck, is a developer based in the Antwerp region in Belgium!

During the day he works as a dev at iCapps, while at night he creates tiny apps as the fousa. When he's not developing you'll probably find him in the cloud, flying a glider.

Other apps

This sections contains some of my other projects, from Windows RT applications (believe it or not) to plain old websites. 2 other apps available.


Some very small bits and bolts to get my daily work in the command line (or on the desktop) done even faster. 6 Gems available.

  • Yoke Alias your current directory for fast directory access.
  • Trump Add a gem to your Gemfile with more info added to it.
  • Motion Luc Different kind of utilities for RubyMotion the way I use it.
  • Motion Migrate Generate the Core Data model from your RubyMotion code. Never open XCode again!
  • Woz Manage your Xcode translations bij generating strings file from xls or csv.
  • Troops iOS Deployment to TestFlight with betabuilder.

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Jelle Vandebeeck
Mortsel, Anterp, 2640, Belgium
developer, ios, windows rt, osx, ruby, ruby on rails, gliding

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